Opening Times

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Monday to Wednesday


And other times by appointment.

Looking Good This Week !

All Abutilons and Salvias are still in leaf and a couple of the Abutilons and still flowering !


salve sans-serif; font-size: 16px;”>Just back from our last show of the Season, sildenafil Southport Flower Show. Enjoyed the time away with my son, Tom, who came a helped. Saw many new customers and enjoyed catching up with loyal yearly abutilons collectors. Amazing how well the Abutilons are doing on the west coast up there on Sandy soil. Anyway….of to propagate all the abutilons we are out of stock of!

Talks and Workshops

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The Talks I can offer in 2014 are:

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1. The Versatile World of Abutilons    (best between June and December for plant material but I have a slide show for winter months)

2. The Verstaile World of Salvias       (best between June and October for plant material but I have a slide show for winter months)

3. The Versatile World of Campanulas      (best between May and August)

4. Propagation    ( any time really )  – a real hands on approach to propagation, with participation from the group.

5. Perennial and General Gardening  ( best during active growing season)

6. Nursery Life – The Ups and Downs. ( anytime) – a funny and practical talk showing the extremes of life on a herefordshire nursery.

7. The Show Circuit and designing a show garden.  (anytime)


8. The Versatile World of Legumes (anytime)


9. The History of Ornamental Gardening in Britain    (anytime) 


A combination of these talks can be easily prepared.

I can do evening and weekend talks.
Normally 1 hour talk but can tailor to your specific time slot.
£70/hour plus 40p per mile for mileage.

We can also have you at the nursery for workshops.:

Abutilon and Salvia Day
Propagation Day
General gardening Day.
Campanula Day

Really getting to grips with the plants and building confidence for gardeners.

Also we welcome visits on mass and we can arrange Tea, Coffee and Cakes.

Just contact me, Leila Jackson on 07775001287  or

Our Catalogue

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