2018 is here !

Lots of Changes ….. Nursery taken down to ground level and moved to another site.

Back to where we had it prior to moving to the Stoke Prior Site.

We are focusing on the National Collection and have taken on the task of Chelsea and Hampton Court this year.


  • Abutilons are evergreen and deciduous small trees or shrubs which are native to sub-tropical regions of the world. These fast growing and soft wooded plants have solitary pendulous flowers of yellow, orange, red, pink, apricot and white giving a big splash of colour virtually 12 months of the year. Some make excellent conservatory subjects while others can be used as dot plants in planting schemes or in hanging baskets.
  • The delicate bell-shaped flowers of the Abutilons inspire the common name of Chinese Lantern, but they are tough, hardy garden plants that come in a range of beautiful colours. On close inspection of the flowers it is easy to see why they are closely related to the hibiscus. The most popular and hardy forms are shown in the images.
  • There is also dramatic foliage with variegated foliage forms. If the shrubs are not pruned regularly they can get a bit leggy, so pruning is an important to keep the plants compact and bushy, and spring is a good time to cut them back by about one third, just before they put on new season’s growth.
  • They love full sun or light shade and well-drained soil. Once you have discovered Abutilons, their value can be seen as a worthwhile addition to any garden, providing colour through much of the year, through several seasons. Some don’t stop flowering at all. Their foliage and flowers blend easily with any garden design.

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